Download Google Keep APK for Android

Google Keep APK

We come bearing good news! This is addressed to all you Android fans and users out there as we want to celebrate this together and download Google Keep APK toghether. Although universally addressed to Android users, there will be a particular type of you enjoying this news more than the rest. If you are into taking notes or putting thoughts down, then this is for you.

I shall give a new Google app to you –  Google Keep – that will simply make your life a little bit easier. It shall first of all help you to create a Checklist, then also enter a Voice note. And this is not all – you will also be able to take a photo and annotate the same f you want. In addition, we need to also highlight that once you add something or just create it in Google Keep will be synced with your Cloud account which can be accessed from

It is true – the “taking notes” domain is one that has already been explored, but not quite to the extent that Google Keep does it. If you are going to go straight to the PLAY Store you shall indeed find a whole lot of apps that will enable you to take notes, however none of them is as good as this one, nor are they even as efficient as that of this Google Keep. What is so cool about Google Keep is that it somehow balances the strength of Google Drive as it synchronizes all the data which is entered in your Google Keep app simultaneously. OK – to get down to business, you are not wrong if you choose to simply say that Google Keep is an advanced version of Notes which can otherwise be backed up with the help of iCloud. Or that it is, on the other hand too, a rather more advanced version of Microsoft One Note which is there for almost all the three top platforms. But there is something really special about the Google Keep app that you should try finding out on your own.

So let’s see what this app actually does under its very user-friendly and neat interface. Not only is it really cool in terms of visual aspect, but it also sports a few different and nice features you can check out below:

Features of Google Keep:

  • It first of all helps you to Track Notes. List and Photos.
  • Voice Notes can be transcribed automatically,
  • You can make use of home screen widgets to capture thoughts quickly,
  • You can also Color-code your notes for better viewable experience,
  • If you need to archive things – just do it with a swipe
  • You can also simply Turn a note into a checklist by adding checkboxes,
  • Last but not least, you can just use your notes from anywhere as these can be stored easily in Google Drive.

If you do choose this is right for you, then you can download the Google Keep if you check out the Google PLAY Store link mentioned below or you could just alternatively make sure you download Google Keep APK from here. We are curious to find out what  is your feedback on this app is, so please do not hesitate to give your input on this via a comment. Enjoy!