Easily Improve Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery

You have all heard of the “Smartphone of the Year” award, I am sure, and when it comes to the one device getting this award for the year of 2012, one of the contestants with a high chance at the prize is the May 3rd introduced Samsung Galaxy S3 , launched at the Samsung Unpacked launch that took place in London that we have had our eyes on at that time.

Let’s see what Samsung’s new flagship carriers exactly to get a better picture on it: first of all, in terms of chipset we can speak of a quad-core 1.4 GHz Exynos 4 Quad. Then, in terms of memory, we have no less than  1 GB of RAM. The internal flash storage comes as usual on 3 layers – so you can choose from the 16/32/64 GB of storage. Then the camera chapter – we have a front camera used for video calls sporting 1.9 megapixel but we also have a camera placed at the back of the phone with 8 mega pixel and it also has the auto-focus feature, being supported by a LED flash too. Moreover, if you are into video recording, be happy to find out that you have been taken care of here too with full HD. But these are all just details, as the key elements is without doubt represented by the Samsung Galaxy S3′s 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD display. What is so special is that we have the Gorilla Glass 2 coating that brings an extra security here,and we can also enjoy 720 x 1280 pixels of resolution.

Another one of the most important aspects would be  the connectivity one, so just be informed that in terms of connectivity we should mention the applicable Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, then also DLNA. There is also the Wi-Fi Direct option, and Wi-Fi hotspot too, and when it comes to Bluetooth we have 4.0. OK these are all nice but what about the microSD card slot? Do note that you can enjoy up to 64 GB with it and also microUSB 2.0. Are you interested in the NFC chip? You have it. What about the Mbps of the HSDPA  - well good news too, up to 21 Mbps you can find here and moreover, if you find an available one, you even get to use 4G LTE networks.

The battery supporting all of these previously mentioned is nothing else but a Li-Ion 2100 mAh battery. You might be informed that Samsung had previously announced that when it comes to battery we will be more happy with the new Exynos 4 quad if compared to the dual-core one we have previously witnessed.  However it is believed by some of the Samsung Galaxy S3 users that they could somehow add more to ensure a better life when it comes to the battery their devices hold.

So this is where this post steps in – and we have written this article around the process behind the idea of how to make sure we enhance the Samsung Galaxy S3′s battery life so that you can ultimately make sure that you are able to use your phone for a longer time. So if you want to give this a go, just make sure you go through the below instructions on how to easily improve your phone’s independence when it comes to a batter battery.

Tips for better charging Samsung Galaxy S3 battery

When it comes to batteries – or better said rechargeable battery in general, whether we are speaking of the ones in different gadgets such as smartphones or tablets or even notebooks – you must know that they have a particular charging pattern. This is the case exactly for the Samsung Galaxy S3?s battery too. What we can highly recommend therefore is for you to make sure you charge the battery of your Samsung Galaxy S3in the moment that 10% is the actual battery level of that time.

To explain a little bit what that is, just know that when the level of battery life goes under the before mentioned 10%, it is then when batteries are actually design to stock the most of power. It is also key that you do not exaggerate or keep your device in the charger for too long- so if you are thinking of overcharging your Samsung Galaxy S3 do not do it – under any circumstances. To make it simple – I’ll take a clear example – you should definitely avoid to leave it charging over night as it might damage it. FYI -The normal time frame for a battery to complete a full recharge usually revolves around three hours.

Do make sure that you use the AC charger that your  Samsung Galaxy S3 package came with from the factory in order to charge your device. It is pretty common for a good number of users to be using the USB cable as source for charging their devices, but in time this shall negatively impact the battery power of the respective device, and the cause of this is generally that the computer’s USB slot has different power levels too.

If you shall at some point need to get your hands on a new charger for your Samsung Galaxy S3, then it is always best that you purchase the original charger your phones should come with, as every battery type is different and the makers know what its specific features are so they know what’s best to optimize your battery’s life.

How to ensure a good management of your Samsung Galaxy S3 battery

This section is not actually addressed to helping you ensure a better performance or or add an improvement in what concerns your smartphone’s battery independence, but it is really important you read it too if you want your battery to have a long and happy life.

OK- to start with, do note that you can find the sensitive contacts of the Samsung Galaxy S3 located at the one end of it. It is quite simple to detect and find them as they might catch your eye and you do not need to be an expert to see them – just look for the “golden pins” aspect and you will have found them. In order to maintain it, we suggest you use a dry and clean piece of fabric and just make sure you wipe it on them to take the dust off every now, or even at a timeframe of a few months away, to your convenience. Another secret we must share with you is that it is quite a must to know not to extract your Samsung Galaxy S3′s battery too often. This action might cause the golden pins to lose their solidity and then you will not be able to ensure a proper charging process for your battery.

Again – as I have already mentioned – if by any chance you need to purchase yourself a brand new battery for you Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone then you need to go for the original one that has been designed particularly for your phone, otherwise you can risk bricking it.

What eats up the life of your Samsung Galaxy S3

This is a delicate topic and not sure how many of you are updated with it. To begin with, just note that we must mention the existence of a series of battery issues that consume your Samsung Galaxy S3′s battery, but we shall only bring the most important components into discussion, and these are the CPU, the display, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS. Then we also can include the Camera and the modem under this category.

Yes, it is true -you do not have that much power on your CPU drains unfortunately, but you do have a saying in the power consumption of the rest of the big battery problems – you can control them too and if you do take some measures against this you can therefore diminish their negative aspect on the life of your battery.

What you shall first need to do is to realize that in case you do not need it in that very moment, your 3G data connection has no reason to stay turned on, so just close it down. This is really important as if keeping it on at all time will ultimately lead you a decrease in the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S3 up to approximatively 18%, and that is bad. Now that we got this straight, make sure that as soon as you do not need this option enabled you have to turn it off and we will show you how. First just go to the Home button, next to Applications, then again to Settings, Wireless and Network, then to Mobile Networks, afterwards to  Network Mode and once here just click on the GSM Only option and that is it.

You might believe otherwise here and most of users do too – if you think that you can save battery if you use the Automatic mode, then I am afraid I shall have to argue with you on this and I shall explain why. Basically – this network mode will constantly be on the lookout for a constant changebetween 2G and 3G networks which will ultimately lead to your Samsung Galaxy S3 diminishing its battery level on an even quicker rate than might happen by using the WDCMA mode.

Another element draining your battery is the actual display itself – and this translates in the fact that it is very important that the brightness level is adjusted accordingly and kept in the norms . This is controllable, as mentioned – so in order to adjust it properly, just make sure you go to Home options, then to applications, then head over Applications, Settings, Sound and Display and then to Brightness and make sure at all times that its degree is kept in the standards, making sure that you understand that having a lower degree of brightness at all times shall contribute to having an improved battery life span on your device.. What you need to do is to simply un-select the Automatic brightness option and then you will be better off with it. This function does actually perform the same functions that the Automatic network mode also does, to say it generally. It theerfore uses the light sensors which you can find only on the front of your device and what it then does is that it adapts the levels of the display’s brightness according to this.. But, once more – this is a method which will consume the battery of your phone in a much faster way.

Now let’s jump to the WiFi or the Bluetooth functions – as soon as you are done with them make sure you don’t forget to turn them off. We’d also recommend you to disable the GPS when not in use and you can do this by heading to Home > Applications > Location and Security; once there uncheck the “Use GPS satelites” option and that’s it.

The 8 megapixel camera is, as you have probably already guessed – another element consuming your phone’s battery and as it uses the LED flash that automatically takes up the life out of the battery too. We are of course not going to tell you to avoid to ever play with the camera,however when it comes to this it is crucial that you do try to be constant when using it especially when you see that you have a low battery level on the phone. As an exception you can do so if it happens that picture that you are just about to take is that important that it might afterwards change your entire life to the better. And how rare can that be, right? So just avoid it.

Do not use Live Wallpapers on your Samsung Galaxy S3

Yes, we all love the Live Wallpapers – and I am personally a big fan of them too – but they will ultimately and definitely going to toy with your battery life. So I’d highly recommend that you choose a simple one, if it is a a more dark one then all the better. Are you curious as to why? OK- it’s simple – to sum up, what the brighter wallpaper areas do is that pixels are used to provide light onto them and they are therefore using your battery in order to achieve this too, leading to your Samsung Galaxy S3′s battery getting drained up. Consequently and logically – if there are more bright areas on the wallpapers then the battery will also need to make use of more and more pixels, as they again need light, and then once more we shall have an even higher level of battery drainage.So you get the picture – having dark wallpapers then we can avoid the battery having to focus all its power to lit up the necessary pixels, so we can therefore refocus all the power and the energy of the battery to make sure we succeed in doing other activities.

Avoid using third party task killers on your Samsung Galaxy S3

It is here again where most users have the preconception that these external task killers are actually very useful to ensure that the RAM is clear and that the right battery savior are activated.. But I beg you to differ – and I will highlight that they do not actually help with this, but on the contrary – what they do is that they will actually eat up a good amount when it comes to the level of battery on your phone. This happens because the main job of task killers is to be constantly on the lookout to check what are the opened processes somewhere in the second row and while performing this task, they are simply making use of the CPU and RAM, and ultimately leading to a drainage of the battery of your beloved device.

But there are some things to your advantage as well – so as the Samsung Galaxy S3 is automatically sporting the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich you will also be able to benefit from its incorporated task manager that has really advanced features. You can simply access it if you keep the Home button in for a long time. Now there are no restrictions here in terms of how many times you can use it – just do it every time you want, and swipe away any potentially apps that are active but which you do not want to have enabled. Then you will see that the task killers will simply not find their use at all.  And I can even go further than this and tell you that if you want the best of the best – the ICS’s management in performing multiple tasks at once is currently the top of the pyramid.

Thanks for sticking with us right to the very end, I know there is a lot to grasp in but it will all be worth it.  If you do happen to have some more advice and tricks on the matter, then do not hesitate to give us a glimpse into them too. I hope that you will take your time to go all through all the article and then just decide to follow all the recommendations accordingly and I can guarantee that you shall improve your Galaxy S3′s life with around 30% in terms of efficiency, so once that happens – our goal has been reached. Good luck and keep us posted on the perks of having your phone “awake” for a longer time at once!