Enable USB Mass Storage on your Samsung Galaxy S3

USB mass storage Galaxy S3

The Android based Samsung Galaxy S3 is Samsung’s top smartphone and when it was released it was received very well by consumers and critics alike, some going as far as to call it an iPhone killer. It also became the world’s best selling smartphone in Quarter 3 2012 overtaking the Apple iPhone 4S. Needless to say the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a very good smartphone but it is not perfect. One common point of complain among Samsung Galaxy S3 users is the lack of an USB Mass Storage mode. USB is probably the best transfer protocol and it is used in most modern devices. Thankfully, there is a way to enable USB Mass Storage mode on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

As you know, the Samsung Galaxy S3 uses MTP (short for media transfer protocol) instead of USB mass storage so many of the Samsung Galaxy S3 owners are not happy; mainly because USB is the most widespread transfer protocol between any modern device and a desktop computer but also because it is the easiest and fastest transfer protocol around. And it shows, as transferring files to and from your computer via Samsung Galaxy S3′s MTP is slower than transferring files using the USB protocol.

Considering the above, it’s not hard to understand why so many Samsung Galaxy S3 users would like to be able to use the USB protocol for transferring files. As we said, there is a way to enable USB mode on your Samsung Galaxy S3 and it is very simple to do so. It is also completely safe though the process does require you to root your Samsung Galaxy S3 otherwise you will not be able to enable the USB Mass Storage mode .

As we said, enabling USB mode for your Samsung Galaxy S3 is a safe process, however that does not mean things can’t go wrong. So just to be on the safe side (better safe than sorry), we recommend you backup your Samsung Galaxy S3 data so that you will be able to recover your data in case anything happens. To do this you can use a series of tools and applications (AppBAK , SMS backup & restore, Call Logs Backup & Restore and APN Backup & Restore) developed with the purpose of backing up your data. After you have successfully backed up your Samsung Galaxy S3 data, you can start the process of enabling the USB mode on your Samsung Galaxy S3. One small note: this ‘how to‘ guide will only work with a rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 so keep that in mind in case you want to enable USB mode but your Samsung Galaxy S3 is not rooted.

The process itself is very simple: the first step is to connect you Samsung Galaxy S3 t your computer. After that, you have to go here and download the apk file. After you have downloaded the apk file, you will have to copy it to your Samsung Galaxy S3 and disconnect the device from your computer. The next step should be simple as you will just have to install the app on your Samsung Galaxy S3. The app will offer simple instructions that you will have to follow during the installation process. After you have completed the install process you will have to launch the app. This is the final step: once you launched the app you can simply select what option you prefer for transferring files so select USB and the USB Mass Storage mode will be enabled on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

We tested the procedure on our device and it worked without any kind of problems so there shouldn’t be any difficulties with the process; however, if there are any problems (or if the process does not work for you) let us know in the comments section below.

  • marsha Susetyo

    mine cant.. dont knoq why, its said that my phone should be root.. i dont want to root my phone. any idea? thanks

  • margie

    mine can’t either,its said could not get root privileges,external SD card is being accessed.I don’t have a memory card in my phone..can i retrieve deleted photos from my phone memory?

  • mike

    wondering if this will work on the S4….

  • Rob Minnaert

    “no root access allowed”

  • Frank

    Phone has to be rooted and you need an app like supersu to give super rights/root access. However, many users reported it not working (like me)

  • carrie lorentz

    Why did you ask people to leave comments if it’s not working if you are not addressing the issues? Yo did not explain how you are supposed to copy this apk to your phone either.

    • Kayocero Ichiban

      hahaha u very smart!! =]]

      well the only option is to get a usb Micro SD reader n transfer ur files directly to the external storage,

  • Kayocero Ichiban

    pinche pendejo!!!!!