Everything You Need To Know About The Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

We are six months in 2013 and after releasing a successor for its critically acclaimed Galaxy S3 smartphone, Samsung is getting ready to release a successor for the Galaxy Note 2 phablet and it will most likely be called the Galaxy Note 3. As you would expect, many leaks and rumors started to appear regarding the next generation Galaxy Note.

In November 2013, Samsung launched the final Samsung Galaxy Note 2 variant in the US and Verizon Wireless became the last major carrier in the United States to offer the Galaxy Note phablet. With Verizon offering it, the Galaxy Note became available on all five biggest carriers in the United States; these carriers also carry (or carried) other Samsung smartphones like the Galaxy S3 and the Galaxy S4.

The demand for the original Samsung Galaxy Note was big, as non AT&T users tried to convince their carriers to offer the Galaxy Note. As a device with a 5.3 inch display and a bundled stylus, critics were a having a hard time seeing the Samsung Galaxy Note succeed as they were wondering if there is a market for a device with such a large display or if anyone want a smartphone that comes with a stylus.

AT&T was the first and only carrier to pick and offer the original Samsung Galaxy Note, a move that let users without choice when it came to carriers. Considering that the device has sold millions in the entire world, it was a success and it proved to critics that there was a market for such a blend between a smartphone and a tablet. Things changed for the better with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, as all the five big carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, US Cellular and Verizon) offered it. And the device enjoyed a huge success, even today remaining among the top Android devices on the market.

As it happens with everything, sooner or later it will be replaced by a newer and (hopefully) better version and in the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, it seems to be rather sooner than later. The Galaxy Note 3 could be just around the corner or we might have to wait quite some time, until the end of the year, but one thing is almost certain: the Galaxy Note 3 will be released this year. And, just like the Galaxy S4, it seems that the Galaxy Note 3 generates quite a lot of pre release hype around the Internet.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the next generation phablet in the Galaxy Note series and while there is no official information on it, it is believed to be released in the coming months. In this article, we are going to gather all we know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and dissect  the leaks and rumors about the Galaxy Note 3′s features and release date.

Release Date

There have been many rumors about the possible release date of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Most of these rumors seems to agree on a single date and that is September. An official unveiling of the next generation Galaxy Note at the IFA conference that will be held in Berlin this September seems very likely as it fits with Samsung’s pattern of announcing a new Galaxy Note model at this event. Both the previous two models were announced at the IFA conference in Berlin so it is a very logical deduction to think that the Galaxy Note 3 will also be announced at this year’s IFA conference.

Not only does it fit the ‘every Galaxy Note model is announced at IFA’ pattern, but a September release also fits with the ‘one year cycle’ release pattern for the Galaxy note line of devices. Also, while September is pretty vague, the sixth day of the month has been speculated as Samsung’s Episode 2 for its Unpacked events; however this date should be taken with a grain of salt (just as the September time frame, as logical as it may seem).

In fact, Digitimes (a publication that sometimes gets things right and relies on supply chain sources from Asia for information), suggests that Samsung might release the Galaxy Note 3 this Summer, in either July or August. Such an early launch is not impossible as Samsung has already alunched a Galaxy Note in August, but with the IFA conference taking place just a month later it seems a bit unlikely that the Galaxy note 3 will be release in August (or July). Even so, Digitimes was often right on rumors so an August release date for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is not entirely out of the question.


While there have been many leaks and rumors about the Galaxy Note 3′s features and release date, there is still nothing about its design. This should not be a surprise however, as Samsung has always been very careful not to leak anything about the design of its important devices. We can expect not to find anything about the phablet’s design before the official unveiling. If you are one of the people the usually follow rumors and leaks that hapen before a device is officially announced, you probably understand how hard it is for a company to keep secrets, as almost anything leaks before launch, even the design of major smartphones and tablets. Samsung makes a wonderful job of keeping its next generation phablet’s design hidden and if you are hoping of a leak regarding the Galaxy Note 3′s design before it is officially announced, you may end up disappointed.

But even if there won’t be any leaks, we can still speculate. SamMobile, a reliable source when it comes to rumors, suggests that Samsung had to decide between three prototype designs: a new design, a design based around a flexible display and a design similar to the company’s recent Galaxy S4.  It would seem that the Korean company choose the design that resembles the flagship Galaxy S4.

Even if the above rumor is true, there would still be many questions to answer. What does ‘inspired by the Galaxy S4′ actually means? Will the Galaxy Note 3 be just a bigger version of the Galaxy S4? A few rumors hint at the phablet being just 8 mm thick which would make it thinner than its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 2, and almost as thin as the Galaxy S4. It also seems that it would weigh 182 grams, about the same weight as the Galaxy Note 2, however int he context that the Galaxy Note 3 will be larger. The case might be made of plastic, in which case you can expect the usual Samsung design. It is probably safe to also bet on a microSD card, support for wireless charging and of course, a back that can be removed for extended batteries.


Just like most release date rumors converged on a single date (September), so do display related rumors, agreeing that the Galaxy Note 3 will have a larger (and better) display than the Galaxy Note 2. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a 5.5 inch screen capable of displaying in a HD resolution (720p). According to most rumors about the Galaxy Note 3′s display, it will have a 6 inch screen, .5 inches larger than the current Galaxy Note 2′s screen. Moreover, it would seem that the new Galaxy Note 3 will be able to display in a Full High Definition resolution (1080p) just like Samsung’s current flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4. Also, if we are to believe the rumors, the next phablet in the Galaxy Note line will have a pixels per inch density of 367.

Samsung already released the Galaxy S4 with an improved and bigger display (5 inch) than its predecessor. A similar move for the next generation Galaxy Note is entirely possible as the Korean company always tries to improve its devices but also because it will help differentiate between the Galaxy S line and the Galaxy Note line of smartphones. Pre release rumors regarding the Samsung Galaxy S4′s display pointed at 4.99 inches which was almost spot on (considering the smartphone has a 5 inch display) so a Galaxy Note 3 with a 5 inch display is not out of the realm of possibility. We can’t stress enough that these are only rumors, though as we already mentioned, they do match to previous rumors so there wont be much surprise if it turns out they were correct.


When it comes to the camera of the next Galaxy Note phablet, again it seems that all rumors converge in the same direction. Acording to most rumros it would seem that the Galaxy Note 3 will see a very big upgrade regarding its camera. While the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has a rear camera of 8 MP, with LED flash and capable of recording videos in Full High Definition (1080p) at 30 frames per second, the Galaxy Note 3 will upgrade it to 13 MP if we are to believe the rumors. That would bring it to the same quality standards as the Samsung Galaxy S4′s rear camera.

One rumors suggests that besides the increased resolution, the camera sensor will also include many new features such as 3x optical zoom and optical image stabilization. In the world of mobile devices, optical zoom is a pretty rare feature so a 3x optical zoom could be one of the next generation Galaxy Note’s biggest advantages. You may have seen a leaked sample image taken with the Galaxy Note 3′s camera, however the source and the authenticity of the image could not be verified. If it is real, then it contradicts the above mentioned rumors as it does not have the quality expected from a 13 MP camera.


Reharding the Galaxy Note 3′s specs, we have a lot of rumors and even leaks, the most recent one from Samsung’s own website. Of course, there are no certainties. There was talk of the next Galaxy Note phablet having 3 GB of RAM – it might seem a lot for a mobile device, but considering that there is quite a lot of multitasking involved, a huge amount of RAM is necessary.

Regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 3′s CPU, there have been many rumors. Until recently, the pole position option seemed to be Samsung’s own Exynos 5 Octa CPU, also used in some Galaxy S4 versions; while it is an eight core CPU, it is only able to use four cores at the same time. There were also rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be powered by a Qualcomm CPU, the Snapdragon 800. While the Exynos 5 Octa was in pole position, a recent leak from Samsung’s won website confirmed that the Galaxy Note 3 will be powered by a Snapdragon 800 CPU, a CPU that is more powerful than the Exynos 5 Octa.

The rest of the phablet’s specs can only be speculated at this time. While we don’t really know anything about the Galaxy Note 3′s battery for example, we can expect more details to arrive (in the form of leaks or rumors) as we get closer to the phablet’s release this year.


There aren’t many rumors about the software that will be included with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. One of them is about a feature named Samsung Orb, which will be a photo sphere. This feature was rumored to be included with the Galaxy S4, which obviously did not happen, but there are voices saying the Galaxy Note 3 will be the first device from Samsung to use it.

As we mentioned, the Samsung Orb feature is reminiscent of Android 4.2′s Photo Sphere. It will allow users to take 360 degree panoramas. of course, a major difference would probably be Facebook integration, as opposed to Google+ integration for the Android 4.2 Photo Sphere.

The other rumors is actually a benchmark leak and it suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would be the first device to come with Android 4.3, which is said to be the next version of Google’s mobile Operating System. Of course, benchmarks can be faked, but one  pro argument is the fact the the current Galaxy Note 2, also came with Android 4.1 which at the time was the latest version of Google’s mobile OS.

Unfortunately, there are no rumors about specific software, such as apps for the phablet’s S Pen. There will probably be improvements and new apps included with the Galaxy Note 3 and also a revised TouchWiz Nature UX user interface.


Regarding what Carriers will offer the Galaxy Note 3 we can’t tell much. It’s still too early to tell, but our opinion is that since the Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S4 were offered by all five major US Carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon) the Galaxy Note 3 will also be offered by all of them.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was a huge commercial success in the United States, so we are pretty sure that at least all the five major carriers will be interested in the Galaxy Note 3 phablet.


As you would expect, there is no official information on the device’s price and there won’t be any until after its official unveiling. However we can expect Samsung to leave pricing to the carriers, as they have done in the past.

That could lead to a situation where the price each carrier will assign, will be announced weeks after the initial announcement. This is what happened with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and it might happen again with the next phablet in the Galaxy Note line. Regarding a specific price, we can expect carriers to keep the price with the Galaxy Note 2 (as they kept the price of the newly released Galaxy S4 in line with the price of the Galaxy S3) so we can expect the Galaxy Note 3 to be sold from $299.99. In our opinion this would be a very good starting price for smartphone with such a large display.