How to Install TWRP Recovery on Galaxy S4 I9505

Galaxy S4 TWRP

As you probably know already, TWRP recovery is one of the leading custom recovery for Android devices, following the old CWM recovery version on a touch user interface. It provides the same features as the classic app but offers a lot more user options and doubtless, through the touch interface, the navigation process  will be more comfortably. Many thanks to the XDA Developers for their successful efforts in offering us a complete guide with all this tips & tricks for installing  TWRP recovery on the I9505 variant of the Galaxy S4, in such a short time after its release.

Therefore, if your device is a Samsung Galaxy S4, model number I9505 and you were looking for an adjustment to your phone, you got in the right place. Through this step by step guide you will find all the necessary information on how to install the custom TWRP Recovery. We have to notify you that all the procedures in this guide addresses to the Snapdragon LTE variant of the S4 and if you own a different version, stop in time, because it may cause real injuries to your phone.

TWRP Recovery is the moment’s ‘must have” for all those interested in hacking the custom updates as it is a common fact that very soon Samsung will release the custom ROMs as the official firmwares for the S4. The stock recovery has no use then and just by using a custom recovery, you will be allowed to perform this “unofficial” procedures. Likewise, it will help you in the data backups for your ROM, ease the operations of wiping, optimization, customization and maintenance and also with the rooting procedures.

Now, let’s start with the necessary pre-requisite list which will prepare your device for installing the TWRP REcovery. Make sure you check all the instruction below in order to avoid any unpleasant issues to your phone:

  • Make sure that your device is a Samsung Galaxy S4 model number GT-I9505 . In order to verify this, go to “Settings -> About phone”.
  • Ensure your GS4 is not locked down to a particular carrier. The TWRP Recovery installation process will work only on unbranded Galaxy S4.
  • Back up all the data stored in your GS4 as a protective measure for any bad incidents that can happen. You can find the detailed procedure on how to save the contacts list, call logs, text messages, EFS folder, market apps and other in the “Backup and restore guide”.
  • Make sure that aren’t running any security programs on your computer nor in your device
  • You will need a Windows running computer in order to perform this operation
  • Enable the USB Debugging option on your phone
  • Assure a minimum 50% power for the phone’s battery so that you won’t find your device off during the installation process

As all the pre-requisites above were checked, we can step to the TWRP Recovery installation. Please follow carefully all the mentioned steps so that you can avoid creating any damages to your phone. The procedure is a risky one and any failure in following the rules can turn into a bad user experience.

How to install TWRP Recovery on Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505:

  1. Download from here to your computer the TWRP recovery file
  2. After downloading Samsung KIES, install the GS4 drivers
  3.  download and install Odin and then open it
  4. Get your device in the download mode by turning it off and then reboot it by pressing simultaneously the Power button, Volume Down and Home buttons
  5. Connect your device to the computer by using the original USB cable
  6. Open Odin and check the ID:COM section whether it is yellow or blue. Also, you should see displayed the “added” message. If not, remove the USB cable, reinstall the drivers in your PC and then repeat the steps above
  7. From Odin, select “PDA” and choose the TWRP recovery file that you have downloaded in Step 1
  8. Any other changes to Odin are not permitted and the Re-partition box should be unchecked
  9. Click on “Start”
  10. When you will see the “pass” message displayed on Odin it will mean that the flashing operation is complete
  11. Unplug the USB cable and reboot your device


  • If Odin gets stuck, close it and disconnect the device from your computer and then force restart your phone and reboot into download mode. You will have to reinstall the drivers and open Odin again. Finnally re-connect the phone with the computer and start the  flashing operation.
  • If your S4 gets stuck in a boot loop, reboot into recovery mode and select “wipe data factory reset” and then “wipe cache partition”. Then go back to the main menu and select “reboot system now”.

How to boot the Galaxy S4 into TWRP Recovery:

  • Turn your phone off and reboot by pressing simultaneously the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons. This way, you will see displayed the recovery menu and you can choose any option you want by tapping the screen. Test all the recovery features so that you will see how it really works and then select “reboot system now” in order to reboot into Android.

The TWRP recovery installation process for your Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 ends here. congratulations for getting it done! Now you can efficiently install a custom ROM firmware on your smartphone  and think about how your device can be improved if we speak about new performances and abilities. We will keep you posted with all the related news! Instead, let us know about any issues that you faced when following this guide and we will come with a quick reply.