How to root AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note i717 without flash counter or warranty void

ROOT AT&T Galaxy Note

It is no surprise to anybody, but more likely common knowledge these days that the process of a device rooting is a rather complex one that opens you up to a multitude of advantages and to an ultimate result of an overall improvement in its performance. So when we are saying that rooting your device brings a lot of advantages with itself, we are more specifically referring that it encompasses a lot of  customization options that would otherwise not be available to you, plus the option to install more apps and more, depending on what your personal limit is.

Leaving all of these aside – you do now have to pay attention and be informed that it is only recent that Samsung has installed a flash counter on their devices – that implies that you might be subjected to losing your warranty if you do not pay extra attention when performing a rooting on that particular device. However, just to take any pressure off your shoulders – I will also bring to your attention that you are lucky enough in this respect right now as this present guidelines you are about to check out will not act upon voiding your warranty or even upon increasing the flash counter, so you can proceed with it as you wish.

However do make sure that you avoid to ever flash a pre-rooted kernel on your AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note i717, otherwise the counter shall be increased. As an alternative – do check out this guide and you will therefore be able to grasp all the info you need in order to be able to do this successfully and without any mistakes whatsoever.

Before we actually proceed with the steps themselves, it is highly recommended that you should do your best to read all the article before hand, to check out all the steps accordingly and also to afterwards follow all the steps carefully. As previously mentioned, even a tiny mistake or a skipped step can lead to getting your device damaged, and this is something we need to avoid. Moreover, it is on your own responsibility that you have chosen to go ahead with applying this root, so we are absolved of any of te responsibility in case your device gets damaged along the process.This is a an already tested method that has provided no issues whatsoever,  so you should be safe too as long as you take this mission seriously and if you perform all the steps as such.

Another thing worthy of mentioning – or better said mandatory to be taken into consideration – is that this method shall only be applicable and successful if performed on the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note i717. Therefore please do not attempt to perform it on any other device ( including other Galaxy Note versions) but the ones mentioned before.

Before we start with the steps, we need to go through the preparation steps of your device and computer

  • First of all you will need a Windows running computer, so please make sure you have a proper one handy at all times
  • The second pre-requirement you need to meet is to make sure you have the latest Galaxy Note drivers. If It happens that you do not have them, then you will have to make sure you install Kies.
  • The next thing to bring to your attentions is related to the battery levels – and do note that the phone must be charged to at least 60%, otherwise it might turn on during the rooting process and this shall indeed affect the success of the process.
  • You will also need to make sure you disable any firewall, antivirus or security suite that you might have on your computer, because they might interfere and ultimately block the flash.
  • The last thing to take into consideration right now is to make sure you enable USB debugging on your device. If you are not 100% where you can find this, do note that you can find it in Settings > Developer tools.

Make sure you Backup your device

This is an important aspect to take into consideration prior to your decision of applying a root on your device, so do make sure you ensure a backup for your device.

It is inevitable that when you are flashing something on your device, you automatically subject yourself to the risk of losing your data, so in order to make sure you avoid this risk – we highly recommend you to perform a few backups before. It is not that complicated to do so – and in order to backup your contacts, we recommend that you should sync them with your Google account and that should do it for you in this respect. If you want however to backup your SMS messages or even call logs, then you need to use other apps, so you can try using the SMS Backup and Restore app for SMS messages or the Call Logs Backup and Restore when it comes to your call logs. Moreover, to make sure you also secure your files, you should go the easy and safe way and just copy and save them on the SD card. Do not disregard this step before you proceed to the following subchapter where you can actually check out the steps involved behind the rooting of your AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note i717 without increasing the flash counter.

And now the Steps on How to root AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note i717

In order to get going with the whole process – you shall have to make sure you first and foremost download Odin 1.85- you can find it here and here. Once you have completed its download, you need to proceed with Extracting the downloaded file. Then you have to simply launch Odin and open tt_note_root.tar as PDA in Odin.

As the next step you need to perform, do make sure that your Galaxy Note isn’t plugged into the computer. If it is not plugged into your PC, as should be the case – then you have to  reboot it into download mode ( you can do this by simultaneously pressing the volume down + power buttons). Now that you have completed this action, simply connect it to the PC afterwards and you should see a  yellow ID:COM box displayed that indicates that you are now safe to press Start. Then, after your Galaxy Nore i717 reboots, we can congratulate you at once as you should have root access. But just to be sure that it all went according to the plan and that everything works perfectly, you should also check and see if the Superuser app is installed. This shall be your confirmation.

We have now managed to successfully root AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note i717 without increasing the flash counter – these were all the steps you need to take to make it all happen. Congratulations to you all. However, if it happens that there are any issues along the way, please do not hesitate to bring them to our attention and we shall look into them. To reiterate - this tutorial is only to be used with the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note i717. If you shall attempt to root any other devices using this guideline, the only result is that you shall end up bricking it, so why risk it.