How to root Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 on Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XWLS8

Galaxy S2 Root

What is actually rooting a device?   The operating system you use when browsing your Android device is one that gives you certain restrictions. This is because it was designed for commercial and private use only, in order to prevent permanent damage to the device. Still, the restrictions it has might be easily erased using a simple and time efficient method called rooting. You have probably heard of it before but didn’t know that it is the process that gives you full access to the operating system and, on top of it, this is a “do it yourself” process. If you follow this article, we will guide you step by step in order to have a successful operation.And, at the end of the whole process you will be able to change different settings and enjoy more of your device. Now, you probably have already applied the official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XWLS8 firmware on your device (which, in this case should be a Samsung Galaxy S2, with the model number  I9100 and you want to root the operating system, then you got at the right source.

You will find detailed info about the rooting of the Samsung Galaxy S2 device which runs the Android 4.1.2 XWLS8 software. We kindly ask you to follow each step accordingly and be sure your battery level is not low, in order to have a complete and successful action.   What you should know still is that the official update of the firmware has been released by the marketer only in specific countries and receiving the OTA variant might not be available so soon. The same story is available for the KIES for flashing the Jelly Bean 4.1.2 software on your device , so what we advice you to to is install the XWLS8 firmware on your own and you will be able to find the perfect tutorial. After doing this, we invite you back on this page and resume the article by rooting your Samsung Galaxy S2 device , which is being powered by the  XWLS8 OS.   You should keep in mind though that the steps must be  followed and will be completed only by those of you who have already updated their phones to the ROM operating system.

To root or not to root?   We are sure there are many of you who are not yet decided upon this aspect: to root the Samsung Galaxy S2 or not to root it? Well, of course there are pros and cons, but these are available in everyday life also, so if you want to gain control over the device and its apps, then it might be a good idea to root. As we already said, the operation only means that you remove the restrictions on your operating system and, as a result, it gives you the opportunity to make different changes you would consider necessarily for your own benefit and comfort. Also, if you need any app that is not available on the system or you want to update to a custom ROM firmware, then we tell you: go ahead. and root the device. As we said before, there are also disadvantages of this action and we will put down the most important of them which might pull you back. So, if you decide to root and complete the action, the Samsung Galaxy S2 that you have won’t carry out the conditions of  warranty anymore. So, you root, you lose the warranty. Now, there is a method through which you can still be in parameters and restore the warranty. For this, you have to downgrade the device to stock ROM or just update with an official software powered and approved by Samsung, which is compatible to your device, Samsung Galaxy S2, model number  I9100. If you are still decided to proceed to the process of rooting the device, then we have one step that precedes the tutorial and saves you of a possible anger moment. Backup the data you have on the Galaxy S2 device. You might get to the end of the rooting and notice that all of your data has been cleaned and we are sure you wouldn’t like this. So, before you start, clean your data: save the contacts, messages, call logos and any other data you consider necessarily  This is a good way to clean your unnecessary files and backup the data which is saved on your internal storage memory.

Ok, now you are almost ready to start. First, prepare your device and be sure you have the backup for the data. What you need now is a  computer which operates Windows and has the internet connection activated. Please do uninstall all the security options, this including the antivirus, Firewall protection and others you have already installed.  Then, go to the following provided link: Settings – Applications and select Development; then go to USB debugging and be sure you have the last option enabled: the USB debugginf. So, you have a Samsung Galaxy S2 model number I9100, with the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean XWLS8 firmware installed. You have a computer running Windows and internet connected.   Last but not least, as we already said, please have your device charged, with more than 60 percent power left. And now let’s proceed to the actual steps.

How to root Samsung Galaxy S2 device model number I9100 on Official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XWLS8 OS Now we can start. Please be sure you follow all the steps correctly in order not to start over the whole process.

Step 1: First, you should download the XWLS8 Jellybean 4.1.2 Rooting Kernel. You can do this by following the link provided on the site, as it is a trustful source.

Step 2: After the Jellybean Rooting Kernel has been enabled, you should download Odin. It will help your device to communicate with the Computer in Download Mode.

Step 3: You should now save the files on your computer. We advice you to use the desktop in order to find the files easily. If not, choose any tool you find easy and handy.

Step 4: Extract both files on the PC and start installing the Odin tool. Don’t worry if it takes a while and don’t stop the operation, it might take a while because the Odin tool requires memory

Step 5: Open the Odin app on the PC

Step 6: Now you should turn off the phone and select to reboot in download mode

Step 7: If you don’t know how to get to the download mode, you just have to press at the same time the volume up and the power options

Step 8: Use the USB cable in order to connect the device to the computer. Be sure you are still in download mode.

Step 9: After you do this, you  should be displayed on the screen the added message on Odin and the ID: COM section should now be yellow.

Step 10: If this is not happening, then you should re-install the drivers for the Galaxy S2 on the PC and then you should repeat the previous steps. If the message was displayed, then congratulation. Proceed to step 11.

Step 11: Select the PDA options from the Odin app.

Step 12: You should now pick the downloaded root file now and then click on the start button

Step 13: Please be sure you don’t make other changes on Odin, in order to have a successful operation

Step 14:  You should now wait until it ends as you should see the “pass”message on the Odin app

Step 15: You should unplug the USB cable when you finish. A system reboot is required. So, now that is all.

It is normal for the first boot to take longer than usual, so don’t panic. Your phone is in the same status as before.

More to say, just in case you get a boot loop, you have to use the recovery mode. Here are some basic steps you should find

Take note because the first boot will take longer than usual, but there is nothing wrong with your phone. Also, if you will get a boot loop, then you will have to make a wipe by using the recovery mode. If you don’t know how, here is what you need to do:

Step 1. Turn off the phone

Step 2. You should now reboot by pressing the 3 buttons at a time: Volume up, Home and Power buttons

Step 3.  You should now get to the recovery mode.

Step 4. You should just select ” Wipe data factory reset” and “wipe cache partition”

Step 5. Just select the “+++go back+++” and then the  “reboot system now”

And that is all, the rooting is easy and the steps were easy to followed.

You have succeeded in rooting the Samsung Galaxy S2 on Official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 XWLS8 OS.

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Also, check the provided section with updates on Galaxy S2  if you want to flash a custom ROM in order to customize the performances of the device. If you need to know more, stay tuned to our site and we are sure the info provided will be useful, either you have a Galaxy S2 or a newer model.

Now, go and enjoy your newly rooted Galaxy S2 device! You will be delighted by the apps and lack of limitations you will discover.