How To Root Your LG Optimus G F180K

LG Optimus G

As usual the waiting shall now be worth while, as we will reward you with one of the newest roots to be applied. If you have been patient enough to wait for the release of a root method for the LG Optimus G F180K – you can now enjoy the waiting’s perks. Let’s first of all thank the XDA Developers member Bin4ry for coming up with this scheme.

What you need to know is that you can apply this rooting on the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean but there is a script that has been applied by its creator. If we speak in larger terms – it is in theory pretty possible for it to just  apply this rooting process on almost all Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean devices. But then munkustrap and rw221 – 2 other XDA Developers members intervened and made it more clear, thus confirming at once that this current rooting tool in mention can indeed be applicable on their Korean Optimus G devices. So there you have it.

But when it comes to your Optimus G, however – there is something else to bring to your attention – and basically that you will have to be on the 10h firmware as the rooting tool did not work with the newer 10i firmware.But munkustrap didn’t let things just like this and he went further on to just discovering on the other hand that once going ahead to downgrading to 10h from 10i, running the root tool, and then upgrading back to 10i, you can still ensure you do the rooting correctly. So this is where the good news comes. When it comes to the actual root process, it is of course a little bit risky too, but the overall steps are very easy to be taken so do not believe for even one second that it is going to be so hard to get through with the guidelines that you do not want to even give it a go. We have made it easier for you, so if you follow all the instructions accordingly everything should be fine.

As mentioned – to apply the root on your Optimus G F180K just make sure you go through all of the info below.


  • Again – to reiterate – all this process and instructions involved in this guide are designed to only be applicable for the the LG Optimus G, model number F180K. Make sure that you do understand you shall automatically trigger an undesired outcome if the device that you apply this process on is not the above mentioned one.
  • In addition, all of the process explained are meant to provide instructive guidance only. What this implies is that there is no guarantee that these instructions are successful under your specific and unique circumstances, so just make sure you take this into consideration before starting with the steps.
  • Moreover – as implied – you are the only one responsible of having decided to apply the instructions. We can not be accountable on any level if you go ahead with them but do not manage to apply them correctly.
  • It is highly recommended that before you get straight to the steps you have to have fully understood all the implications.


  • The first pre-requirement is to make sure you have the original  10h firmware on the LG Optimus G F180K . So if it happens that your phone is on 10i firmware, do note that you shall have to simply do a downgrading to 10h first.
  • Next make sure that your computer is running on Windows  and that it has had the 7-Zip or WinRAR installations applied.
  • Then make sure you have done the downloading of the Root tool by Bin4ry (Root_ith_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v18.7z, 4.1 MB) applied to the PC.
  • The battery chapter – you need to pay good attention here and just make sure you meet the 70% criteria of battery level. You need to avoid a turning off of the LG Optimus during the rooting process.
  • Backing up personal data on your phone must be done first hand – your contacts, SMS, MMS, Internet settings, Wi-Fi passwords have to be backed up – in case the procedure in this guide erases such data.
  • Now when it comes to a how to ensure the backing up process – we shall give you an insight into a few tips and tricks. Moreover, let’s also see how you can ensure a syncing process of your personal data being saved directly on the cloud. Lastly, you also need to locally backup the data too so follow us please.


  1. The first step behind the process is to do the extracting of this: Root_with_Restore_by_Bin4ry_v18.7z file on your PC
  2. Now that you have extracted it, you have to go ahead with the opening of the above file
  3. To proceed, clicking twice on the Runme.bat is necessary, and keep an eye on what’s next
  4. Important step: In the scenario that you were running 10i prior to downgrading to 10h for this procedure, just do the upgrade to 10i and the root shall be applied.

This was it and you have managed to complete the process! You can now benefit from a better experience by using your LG Optimus G F180K. Now that this root was applied correctly, you will have to next just do the unlocking of your bootloader and then you can proceed by applying custom recovery. So do you enjoy it? How are you planning on taking advantage of your newly rooted device? Good luck with it! Keep an eye on us.