Install CWM Recovery On Your Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus GT-I9105

CWM Recovery On Your Samsung Galaxy S2

We will here show you how to take it nice and easy and install CWM Recovery on your Galaxy S2 Plus GT-I9105 device, so if you are interested in the topic, let’s roll it out. This will be of great use if you want to do tweaks or if you want to add extra customized features to your device, because you can not gain all of these without having installed a custom recovery image on it, and this is what the CWM shall do for you today. You can also make use of it if you want to go ahead with the rooting of your device, but let’s take it step by step, shall we – and see how to go about the flashing of CWM recovery on your Galaxy S2 Plus I9105.

This has been particularly created to be supported by Android platforms, and is basically a custom recovery image that has gained so much usage along the time recently and on a general level of Android customers, mainly because it is supported by the majority of devices of this sort there are at this stage. So what happens every time a new phone or tablet is purchased is that a factory recovery is set by default as this shall at any stage enable the user to act on be accessing any common or more special functions with his device. However the custom recovery comes in handy when you are over all of these factory options and want to go for something more exciting and get out of the box, so you can simply go ahead with replacing the initial one with this one. Now if you want to go ahead with this, just check out this guideline below and you shall get there in no time.

Do you want root access? Are you interested in performing maintenance actions or to better customize your device? Do you want to perform tasks related to the device’s optimization or to be installing .zip files and not only? Well then just get this CWM recovery and you can do all of these and many other ones too. You shall be also then able to wipe the systems and to ensure Nandroid backup too. You shall be able to update your device with a custom ROM software solely by having a custom recovery image on it, and we can now refer to our CWM recovery. Otherwise forget all those possibilities of simply boosting up your device and its performance implicitly.

There are again a few steps we need to take care of prior to going straight to the procedure. Firstly, I must mention that the tool we shall use here is Odin, thus you can forget about having to do a rooting on the smartphone in advance. What the usual procedure with an installation of the CWM recovery is – is that you have to make sure you enable root access. But pay attention here – as the rooting of the device shall now come as a second step, and the first step shall actually be the flashing of the recovery image on the smartphone.

Backing up your data is not something that we have however skipped or forgot to mention, and again – prior to your going ahead with this operation to come, you shall need to do one. It shouldn’t really happen that data gets lost along the way, however better to be safe than sorry – so if any errors occur at least you have a save up. It might happen that the system gets wiped in order to fix some issues on the S2 device, who knows. So to be sure you have plan B – go ahead and do a saving of your agenda, and your logs and anything else you think you shall need to use later on.

Among the mandatory tools at your disposal for this procedure, we are counting the use of Odin and flashing of the CWM recovery via it. Then a PC that runs on Windows is also necessary, as you shall have to connect it to the device by using its USB cord. The USB debugging option of the phone has to be triggered on too, and then when it comes to the battery, you can never have too much of it – just charge it properly so that you do not have under a 60% level. Then also check and make sure that no security programs are active and up and running on the device or even on the PC. As mentioned, all of these instructions have to be met accordingly if you want to ensure you do a successful flash of this recovery method. They are also warranties that your device is pretty safe from a potential bricking, we wouldn’t even want it switching off while the process is ongoing.

One of the other important aspects is that we only address this article and method to those of you who are owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus model number GT-I9105, which is the following variant of the initial Galaxy S2, but it is definitely not the exact smartphone too, don’t forget they are completely different.  Do not use this on any other devices if you do not want to brick them, which shall surely happen. Let’s see what we need to do to make it all happen.

Steps to use for Installing CWM Recovery on Galaxy S2 Plus GT-I9105

  1. As usually – installing the drivers applicable to the Galaxy S2 Plus onto the PC you shall be using is mandatory, as they are required so that you can go on with this process and successfully achieve it.
  2. For their downloading and installation of them to your computer just go here  Samsung KIES.
  3. Now going to the CWM recovery file can be done if you use this file here . Not to forget that the xda community is again responsible for coming up with this process, therefore we owe our appreciation to them.
  4. Go to your PC where you need to simply download and install Odin.
  5.  Then again the Pc shall be used to be doing the extracting of this previously downloaded file.
  6. Rebooting the device into download mode is the next step to take.
  7. Enable the download mode – you can do this if you hold the Volume Down, Home and Power buttons down simultaneously.
  8. You shall have to next be opening both Odin and your Pc and then take the USB cable in order to establish a connection between the PC and the smartphone too.
  9. As soon as you have done this, you should be able to see the  “added” text on Odin, and the ID:COM section must be either turned yellow or blue.
  10. Now should this not be the case, then a re-installation of the previous drivers must be performed on the PC, and once done, you shall have to go over with the instructions from the very first step on.
  11. Go to Odin and choose the “PDA”option, then go for the recovery file to be found on the PC too and choose it.
  12. You must make sure you enable the Odin  “Auto Reboot” and “F. Reset Time” options, but when it comes to the “Repartition” option do not check it too.
  13. Clicking on “start” is the next step.
  14. Now that you have finally managed to complete this installing process – you shall get confirmation by seeing the  “pass” text appear on Odin, so you know that you can now unplug the  USB cable and go ahead with the rebooting of your device too.

What Might Happen

  • Now should you see that Odin is frozen once the tutorial above is ongoing – then you should have to turn this down, remove the USB cord. Once all of these done, you also have to apply all the drivers on the PC once more, perform a force restarting of the device and from that point on go back to the very first step of the process and start all over again.
  • Having a boot loop as soon as the Recovery has been applied means that you need to trigger the booting into recovery mode. To do so, just press these 3 following buttons simultaneously: Volume Up, Home and Power, then choose the “wipe data factory reset” option and “wipe cache partition” one too. Now that you have got here, select to “reboot system now” and that was it.

Congratulations! This was all for now, folks. Are you happy that you have discovered this new method on how to apply the CWM recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus device. If you want to proceed in applying tweaks on it, then do note that you also need to do a rooting first – but keep an eye on us and we shall provide you a few guidelines on this topic as well. You can use the universal rooting procedure or even the one-click one the Samsung devices have been accustomed too. So we are looking forward to getting your input on the topic and see if any of the steps have presented issues. Please leave us a comment and keep an eye on our next articles.


  • Peter Huys

    I’m now stuck with the Samsung logo when I boot. I can’t boot in recovery by pressing HOME + VOL UP + POWER ON. I only can boot in SAFE MODE (HOME + POWER). A normal boot by pressing power also stucks on the Samsung logo.