Root AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I317

You now have another reason to smile – and I will not linger on to bring you the news: The Galaxy Note 2 on AT&T was just released. We have to thank Turilo for this (he is a member of the XDA team as well) – who has taken his time and managed to create this tool for us. So if you want to flash custom ROMs and also add some other extra files on your devices then think no more and just make sure you read our guide all the way through so that you can proceed with adding root access.

Before you proceed however – I must warn you that this guideline is generally addressed to all of you out there who are pretty familiar with all this procedure – so if you are an experienced Android fan then this article is for you and for you only. You must first of all make sure you check out all the instructions that you need to tick to be able to proceed with the rooting. There are different pre-requirements steps that you need to take and they are mandatory as they are key to a successful procedure. If you are not comfortable with what you read and with all the steps involved here, then it would be best to take your time and linger upon the decision of continuing with this. This is a very complex process that might even result in  an unsuccessful rooting of your device, so this is something you want to avoid for sure. You really need to follow all the steps presented exactly as such – and be aware that even if you flash a single wrong file you could end up with a bricked phone, and we don’t want to be responsible for this.

So just to avoid any wrong doing – just make sure you read all of the below to get yourself updated to all the necessary pre-requirements:

  • The instructions below are solely applicable to root the AT&T variant of Galaxy Note 2 with the I317 model number. They shall not work on any other type of device, so you are better off not even try to apply the flashing of these files on other devices. If you are not 100% sure about what model your device is, then you should find out in advance – and you can check your phone’s model version if you open Settings and once there also simply open the ‘About phone’ menu.
  • Now let’s talk a bit in terms of what PC you shall be using here. In this respect, the PC you shall use to apply the root on your device  should have the USB drivers for your device on it at that stage, because they are mandatory to have if you want to keep going with the flashing of the root files. So be informed that when it comes to KIES, they can be added and this program shall give you access to the proper drivers or the alternative is to proceed with the downloading on your own with the following links: Windows 32bit X86 USB drivers or the Windows 64bit X64 USB drivers. But it is important for you to make sure that the KIES software is closed while the procedure of the rooting process is ongoing.
  • The USB Debugging option has to now be activated on the device
  • The battery chapter. It is very important to highlight that you should proceed with the charging of the levels of battery on the device (we must avoid that your device could shut down while the rooting process is ongoing).
  • At this stage you are the only person responsible for applying a successful root on your phone, so make sure you have ticked all the right boxes before you start performing the steps. It is also important that you should have the important data saved up before, as you might encounter data files losing during the root and you should avoid losing it.
  • Now this has been all there is to know regarding the criteria you must meet before applying the steps you are about to find out. You have to read them carefully in advance and make sure you apply them exactly as such, otherwise the skipping of any of the steps presented might lead to an unsuccessful operation, or even to a bricked phone – which is worse. If you do happen to have any problems with the steps presented, you can give us a heads up and we shall try to detect what the issue has been and try to sort it out.

Now that we are finished with the theoretical part – let’s get down to practice and root the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 I317 :

Steps to Root the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I317:

  1. You have to first of all start with downloading the root files applicable to Note 2 – just go here HERE, and as soon as you do this make sure the saving of this file on the PC is done.
  2. Next a connection between your smartphone and your computer must be done and once this has been done you then just pass over the CWM-SuperSU zip file to the internal SD card. Once you are finished with this, please do the unplugging of the  phone from the computer.
  3. The third step is to enter CWM recovery file.
  4. Once the 3rd step is completed too,  the ODIN 3 v3.04 version must be downloaded too. You shall have to be patient while the download is ongoing and as soon as it is over you can proceed with the  extracting of the contents and the ensure you also save them on the PC. There is a total of 4 files so just save them all in the same folder.
  5. Now it all gets easier – so you have to simply turn off your device and bring it into Download Mode. How can you boot it into the Download Mode? Well in order for you to do this  you have to simultaneously press the ‘volume down’ + ‘home’ + ‘power’ buttons and you are almost done. What shall happen is that the device shall turn on and a menu will be next displayed – telling you to click on ‘Volume up’. To go to Download Mode, you have to do the clicking on this button.
  6. If you are done with this, simply return to the ODIN folder and do a launching of the ODIN exe file.
  7. It is now high time you connected your device to the PC too. You will of course do this via the USB cable, and ODIN should confirm this by saying ‘Added!!’. Now do not panic if  ’Added’ shall not appear on the display – what you then need to do is to switch off USB ports and then check if there is anything different and if it has been ok. The other solution you could try is to start and install the same USB drivers applicable to your device again, coming back to this guideline afterwards.
  8. Getting back to ODIN. When you open it – you have to next select ‘PDA’ and look into your PC for the CWM Recovery file. Just to make sure you understand – this is the file we have previously downloaded successfully above on the third step, so just check it out once more if necessary. You then have to also use Odin to launch it, but stay away from bringing any amendments to the inbuilt features the program has. I repeat, do not change any settings, just carry on with the next steps to get the job done.
  9. We are close to the end – you need to just press ‘START’ button and be patient for a little while while the entire the process of the CWM Recovery procedure is finished with. This might take a little while, as mentioned, but do not despair. You can check when it is completed as ODIN is going to display the ‘PASS’ text followed by a reboot of the device. You will have to proceed and take the device out of your PC when this is the case.
  10. It is at this stage that your device is going to turn back on again. You shall have to do something else – which is to turn off the AT&T Galaxy Note 2 and then also start checking out the  upcoming steps involved in this guideline. You are not yet done with the entire process – the following instructions will basically let you know how to actually implement the files of the root.

Just a quick note before you proceed: If not everything was completed fine, and if it happened that ODIN froze or if any errors according to which this was a failed installation attempt,  you will have to make sure you close ODIN. Once you have closed Odin, you also need to turn the device off (you shall do this by taking the battery out to be more exact). Next you need to go to the battery and put it back, so as soon as you have done this, you can start the entire process presented above once more until you successfully manage to reach your goal.

And let’s see now what we need to do to successfully implement the root files:

  • You will first need to turn your AT&T Note 2 I317 aoff nd then check that the PC has a connection to it. If not connected, do connect it.
  • Then you will next have to open up in CWM Recovery mode (again – as previously- you have to make sure you simultaneously press all these 3 buttons: volume up, home and power). As soon as the display starts to flash you can stop holding the buttons, so just make sure you wait for this signal.
  • You will have to make use of the volume rocker buttons to pick the ‘install zip from sdcard’, and this is not all – you will also have to select o‘choose zip from sdcard’ as soon as you are done with the first selection.
  • You will have to install the  ‘CWM Super’ file, so just find them first and then simply give your go on proceeding with this installation.
  • Ok, now that we have the installation finalized, it means that you have followed all these steps correctly, so once you are done with it – you have to go back to the initial recovery screen.
  • You will also have to afterwards select ‘reboot system now’ and it is then when your phone shall be restarted.
  • Congratulations to all of you – you have managed to successfully root your device, so thanks for following all the steps correctly till the very end.

You will however also need to make sure to actually check that the root on your AT&T Note 2  device has been successful, and when you do this your look will have to search to find the SuperSU icon. Where is the icon? It should be in the Android’s App drawer. So if you find it there- then congrats once more – you now have proof that everything turned out ok – and that device you performed the steps on has indeed been rooted.There is not much left to be said from here on, just that you are now fee to flash all sorts of new custom ROMs along with, of course, many more other customizing gadgets that will help you have a more enjoyable experience with your AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Good luck with it and enjoy!