Root Samsung Galaxy Grand GT-I9082 using CWM Recovery

Samsung Galaxy Grand I9082

Before we start…

If you got to this article, then you are one of the curious users of Samsung Galaxy Grand and want to enjoy unlimited experience when it comes to the device. In less words, you want to have the Samsung Galaxy Grand model GT – l9082 rooted. By following the provided guide, you will be able to do this using the method called CWM recovery. Still, before you move forward you should know that this method applies only on those devices which have the custom recovery image installed – if not, you can follow the provided  tutorial how to flash CWM recovery on your Grand before you proceed.

Why root your Samsung Galaxy Grand?

First you should ask yourself what do you use the device at. If you want to enjoy the performances of the device, not just as a phone. If its your first experience with such operations, then you should think twice as it is considered risky and you might end up in bricking the Android device. So be sure you understand the whole process before you start and you don’t miss any of the steps.

Still, you might decide you want to root the device as by completing this operation you will be able to use the device without any factory restrictions and access the internal system unlimited, together with the OS. So, you will be able to personalize its looks, improve its performances and many other activities you will enjoy. It sounds great, right? But there is a disadvantage you should be aware of. By completing the root operation you will lose the warranty of the Samsung Galaxy Grand, as the operation is an unofficial one. The only good news is that you can decide to restore by downgrading/ updating to stock official Android OS and you will get your warranty back.

If you go through the steps and you find this operation difficult, you should know that it is not the only one suitable with the Galaxy Grand device. On our how to section you will find similar guides (see the “One-Click Root Solution for Galaxy S3, S2, Note 2 and More Available” or “How to Easily Root almost any Android based device”). If you feel comfortable with this method, then proceed to the next steps. Don’t forget that the tutorial can be used only by those of you who have the CWM recovery installed on the device)
Pre-requisites before you root your Galaxy Grand device
The smart phone should be prepared for the root operation you are going to proceed to, so it is important to read through and complete each of the pre requisites from below. Please be sure you don’t miss any of them, as we don’t assume any data you might lose or other brick that happens to your phone.
Let’s take them one by one and explain:
  1. You should backup the Galaxy Grand data as you might lose your personal data while you root the system of the device. It is not a rule, still it might happen and it is better to avert.
  2. You need to perform a Nandroid backup, so you will need to use the CWM recovery image in order to do so; if not you can use the backup and restore apps from Google Play if you need to save the personal data on the device (from text messages,EFS, call logs and even contact lists and market apps.
  3. Before we move forward we remind you that the warranty of your device will get void, by completing the following steps.
  4. In order to be able to continue, you need to flash a custom recovery image on your Samsung, otherwise the method won’t work.
  5. You need a computer using the Windows system or a notebook, together with a USB cable.
  6. Before you connect the device to the computer, you should enable the USB debugging option, otherwise it won’t work.
  7. The battery of your phone should be more than 60% charged. If it is not, you might experience problems as in the case the phone gets turned off while you are rooting it, you will start all over but, more to say, you might damage its system.
  8. All the security programs, including the antivirus and Firewall should be uninstalled or turned off, from both the computer and the smart phone. They might interfere with your process
  9. In case you have other device than Samsung Galaxy Grand model number GT-I9082, don’t apply this guide. Also, don’t forget to have the CWM recovery installed on your device otherwise you can’t complete the process.
  10. The step by step guide is offered by the xda-developers

Step-by-step tutorial on how to root Galaxy Grand GT -l9082 using CWM Recovery

Step 1: Download the file from the provided link here and  also the file using the provided link here.

Step 2: Now you should connect the Samsung Galaxy Grand using the USB cable.

Step 3: Select the downloaded files from the computer and then use either the copy paste tool or the drag and drop one, in order to copy them to the phone’s SD card. Please be sure you take both the Fix Recovery and the Update – SuperSu file

Step 4: You can now disconnect the smart phone from the computer. You will do this by unplugging the USB cord.

Step 5: Now this is easy: turn off the device

Step 6: You should reboot into recovery mode. You will do this by pressing and holding the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons at the same time.

Step 7: Go to the recovery menu and select the  “install zip from sd card” followed by “choose zip from sd card”.

Step 8:Pick the file and flash it

Step 9: Go to recovery again and select again the “install zip from sd card” and then “choose zip from sd card”. This time pick the file and flash it.

Step 10: Go to the recovery again and select “+++go back+++” so that you can return to the main menu

Step 11:  Now you can end the root process, by simply selecting the  “reboot system now”.

Last but not least…

And that is all. Congratulations, you have managed to root the Samsung Galaxy Grand by yourself. All you have to do now is update your smart phone with a custom ROM firmware or a beta software. We will update you soon with step-by-step tutorials on this topic. Enjoy unlimited experience with your Samsung Galaxy Grand.

If you have already tried this method, please share your impressions with us through the comments area below.  If you have experienced any problem, let us know as you might be helpful to other users also.

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