Root Samsung Vitality

Samsung Vitality

The rooting mania is spreading more and more on a constant basis so the time has not come for those of you Samsung Vitality users out there who have long awaited for this good news to come, right?

So let’s just all embrace that you can now apply a root on the Samsung Vitality devices too – and this article has this exact mission of helping you go through all the process of rooting it and to show you all the steps involved behind this process. Do not worry if you are not necessarily an advanced Android user – you can just apply the root by following a very easy rooting method. Now a few words on the device itself – as you might have seen, it is pretty similar to the one used on the Samsung Admire,  this is the reason why this root access procedure for the Samsung Admire looks eligible to be applicable on our Samsung Vitality as well, so we shall stick to it for now.

What the rooting your device is going to bring to you is the possibility to access an incredible number of root-only apps and also the chance to apply a flash on a custom recovery, so that you can boost up the level of customization when it comes to your device. So, let’s see how you can apply a root on the  Samsung Vitality model.

This is not a complicated process and you can have it done in just a few steps, but, just like the other root processes, requires a little bit of prepping before hand.

What you need to know before we proceed is that you have to get root-access on your device, so we have taken our time to present to right here in this guide the exact steps you need to take to root your device. What we ask of you is to make sure you follow all the steps exactly as such in order to root your Samsung Vitality, so let’s cut to the chase and get down to business with the procedure:

I. Before You Begin:

1. Do note that following this guidelines will automatically lead to voiding your device’s warranty. But no need to draw rushed conclusions, as you can bring the warranty back to life if you do an unroot in it, that if there is any available methods for this for your device.

2. Make sure that you do have  the proper drivers stored on your computer.

II. How to download the necessary files:

1. You can find the Root Package on this link.

III. Rooting the Samsung Vitality:

1. First of all, go ahead with downloading and the storing of this Root files Package on your computer.

2. Once you have completed the first step, you can proceed to the extracting of the files (for this go to the files on your computer’s desktop)

3. Now make sure you get this straight too. You have to enable the USB debugging function on your phone and you can accomplish this by heading to Menu>>Settings>>Applications>>Development then to USB debugging.

4. As soon as you have performed the previous step and once the USB debugging function has been turned on, you should go ahead with using the USB Cable for connecting your phone to your PC.

5. Now we can proceed with the following steps – just click twice on the run.bat file is placed on your Desktop and this shall trigger the process of rooting your phone.

6. The process shall take a little while, but not longer than just a couple of minutes, so just sit back and wait.

7. Once rooted, you will need to make sure you also boot your device back.

8. Congratulations, this was it and you have now completed all the steps of the guidelines in order to reach your final destination – the rooting of your Samsung Vitality device.

It is rather great! Your have applied this root on your device and now you are automatically granted access to all sorts of data that will give you a helping hand to make sure you can install all sorts of apps.

Now it all should be alright up to this stage if you followed all the instructions exactly as they were presented and have not skipped any single one at all. If you did happen not to perform all of them accordingly, then it is inevitable that the process did not go along as planned, so before you proceed make sure you understand the instructions . Do let us know what your feedback on the process is and hope you shall have a more enjoyable user experience with your newly rooted device.