How To Take A screenshot On Your Sony Xperia Z SmartPhone

Sony Xperia Z

Taking a screen shot of what you see on your smart Sony Xperia Z phone’s screen is something that some of people do to brag about high scores in games while other people do because it may be a part of their job (and we are talking of course about journalists and / or bloggers). It is also a feature that is not just for personal computers; we also got used to taking screen shots on our smartphones and tablets for any of the above mentioned reasons. However, while on a personal computer taking a screen shot is very simple since there is a special button on your keyboard that does exactly this (we are of course talking about the print screen button), on an Android based smartphone things are not as simple as pressing a button – they are as simple as pressing two buttons.

And so, because smartphones and tablets play a very important role in our lives and because, as we said earlier taking a screen shot can be something you do for fun or because you need to for work, we will teach you how to take a screen shot on your Android based Sony Xperia Z.

Taking a screen shot on your Sony Xperia Z

We mentioned that taking a screen shot on your Sony Xperia Z is as simple as pressing two buttons. While simple, the process is a bit tricky. The tricky part comes from the fact that there are two buttons to press. We will talk about the tricky part a bit later; first to explain how exactly you can take a picture on your Sony Xperia Z: once you have your image of interest on your smart phone’s screen, to take a screen shot of it all you have to do is press both the volume down and the power buttons at the same time. Once you pressed both buttons at the same time, do not release – instead keep them both pressed for about two seconds. And that is all – a screen shot of whatever is displayed on your Sony Xperia Z’s screen will be taken. The ability to take a screen shot of your smart phone’s display is possible due to Android as it has a screen shot function that, as explained earlier, can be activated with the press of two buttons on your smart phone.

As we mentioned in the above paragraph, there is a tricky part. You have to be very careful when you press the two buttons (the power and the volume down buttons) as you have to make sure you press both of them at the same time; it is very easy to only press one of the buttons instead of both of them and in that case the effect will be either turning off your smart phone (in case you have only pressed the power button) or turning the volume down (in case you have only pressed the volume down button). The bottom line is that sometimes pressing only one of the two buttons can happen so you end up doing something else than taking a screen shot on your Sony Xperia Z.