Update Samsung Galaxy Chat To Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Official Firmware

Galaxy Chat

We can now officially speak of a release of the Galaxy Chat to official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware – and this happened just last week in Spain. So think again if you were on that side of the story that believed that only the A-liners of the Samsung devices were benefiting from this update, as we now have clear proof stating otherwise. If you are interested in doing a manual updating of your Galaxy Chat to the Jelly Bean 4.1.2, all you need to do is just check out the below instructions that we shall provide below and follow all of them accordingly so that you can achieve a successful flash on your device. Isn’t it great that the company has also started to look more into the lower ends of its business and the users of the more basic smartphones they produce – this is what this release indicates and this one actually represents the very first device to be hit with the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Firmware , so thumbs up for it.

As previously mentioned above – the single country you can get this officially in is Spain, however when it comes to the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware, it shall be coming out in the rest of the regions as well, and the timeframe for this is pretty close too, so no need to get worried over it, just be a little patient. But if patience is not one of your string points, you must just go ahead with the below step by step guide and put an end to the waiting. You can therefore manually choose to be updating your device if you have not hit by the OTA availability so far. Also note that if you have previously applied a root or perhaps even a custom ROM on your Galaxy Chat device, then you can also choose to go for this manual update. What happens here is that you shall however not manage to do any flashing of this firmware if you go for the KIES method.

Before we proceed, there are some aspects I want to go over again and here they are. First of all – we are speaking about the officially launched Jelly Bean firmware that is solely applicable on the Galaxy Char. As mentioned – Spain was the location of the launching of this update, however if you do not have a locked Chat smartphone, then you can also apply it too manually. The flashing of this firmware shall not be possible once the device has a root on it or has a custom ROM too. Once you go ahead with the instructions to come, do note that you shall not automatically get a void warranty as well – because this is a manual procedure for the Galaxy Chat to official Android 4.1.2.

You shall also not need to have a root on your device – or even an installation of a custom recovery image – in order to make sure you proceed with the flashing of this official update. What we will be using here is the Odin way- and you won’t have anything else on your PC but its installation, so no need to worry. When it comes to the device’s warranty, it shall not be affected by applying these steps below. However, there is something we must raise awareness towards when it comes to this chapter, it is also relevant of the warrant has been previously voided or not. If the reply is positive, you can bring it back by following this procedure, as we shall ensure a re-locking of the system and therefore install all of the settings by default once more.

So if the device has a previous root applied on it – once you decide to do this update to the officially released Android 4.1.2, then you shall not have root access anymore, as well as another lock on your bootloader. But it is still going to be quite simple to apply another root on the phone once more afterwards, and if you want to unlock this newly applied Jelly Bean firmware, you can simply check out one of those comprising online guidelines on the matter and fix your issues. So be it that you go for one of those methods that give you general rooting info and steps, or be it that you actually use the particular guidelines for the Samsung devices, you will get there in no time.

So are all of these enough for you to make up your mind? If so, we need to go over a few more pre-requirements prior to proceeding.

You will be first required to ensure a backing up of all important content stored on your device. It might be required (although this is not actually mandatory) that the procedure triggers a wiping of data contained on the device, under the specific circumstances that some issues must be fixed  or in order to ensure a good development of the procedure. Therefor, in order to avoid a potential data loss, just make sure you get everything important saved up first, be it applications, or your call history and entire contacts agenda, text messages and so on. So just proceed with this prior to getting on with the entire steps below. In addition, it is also highly advisable you proceed with the backing up of Nandroid too.

Among all the other criteria that you need to fulfill to make this procedure work and do the updating of your device to the officially launched Jelly Bean firmware, is having a PC that runs on Windows close to you for using it along the way. When it comes to the battery levels of your device – you should make sure it is properly charged so that it does not turn off during the update. Moreover, if the phone and PC happen to have any security programs running in the background, you should make sure you ensure their removal so as not to negatively impact the updating firmware procedure, as it normally is the case. Lastly you shall have to activate the USB debugging feature on the device, and then just go ahead with the rest of the actual steps to apply the flashing.

Finally, here is what you need to do and to prepare before starting to update your Samsung Galaxy Chat to official Jelly Bean OS: a Windows running computer must be near you as you will need to use the same; it will be a good idea to charge your smartphone (especially if you notice that there is less than 60% power left) and to remove the security programs from its system (and from the computer) because these programs are usually interfering with the flashing process; enable the USB debugging option on your phone.

If you are fully comfortable with the above info and with the steps we shall present below, you should be fine so just get going with this update. To reiterate – this procedure is solely applicable on and designed for the Samsung Galaxy Chat device, hence you should not even attempt to apply this guide on any other device model, as you will end up damaging it.

How to Update Samsung Galaxy Chat To Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Official Firmware

  1. You must first of all simply install the Samsung Galaxy Chat drivers to the Windows running PC you are using. Do just go ahead with the next steps if this already is the case.  Installation to be made here download and install Samsung KIES.
  2. We shall be using Odin, so go ahead with the  download and install Odin onto your PC.
  3. The downloading of the update file can be done via here and here, as you wish. Once you are done with this download, just go ahead and ensure the files’ extracting.
  4. Odin must now be opened on the PC.
  5. Then the booting of the device straight to download mode is necessary.
  6. Turning the device mode shall be however mandatory prior to this. And you can do it by simply simultaneously pressing the Power, Volume Down and OK buttons.
  7. You shall now have to be ensuring a connection between your Samsung Chat device and your PC.
  8. You have to now be able to see the “added” texts appearing on the screen, and the ID:COM section must have either turned in the colors yellow or blue.
  9. Now should you see this is not the case, then you must immediately proceed with a reinstalling of the drivers. Once done, restarting Odin and choosing the update file once more is necessary.
  10. The  “PDA” function must be ticked when in Odin and then simply choosing the update file is the next step to take.
  11. No amendments other than this have to be brought to Odin; do also make sure not to have the “Re-partition” option checked.
  12. Proceed with tapping on “Start”.
  13. It is now when this shall be over with, and as confirmation you should see the  “pass” text appearing on the display.
  14. Now that you have come to the very end, you can ggo about disconnecting the USB cable and simply rebooting your smartphone. This is all theer was to do.

Potential Issues

It might happen that Odin gets blocked during the procedure we have just presented, so if this is the case, then there are a few actions you must tale. Closing Odin shall be the first one, then unplugging the USB cable, and also forcing the restarting of the device too. Now once all of these done, simply do a re-installation of the drivers and then go back to the very first step of this update and start all over again with them.

If it happens that your device does not turn on via a normal boot, and gets into a boot one once the flashing process done, there are again a few things to do – the rebooting of your device must be ensured, (just press the Power, Volume Up and OK buttons up to the moment when you see the recovery mode on the screen). Once done, choose the  “wipe data factory reset” option and also the “wipe cache partition”. The selection of “+++go back+++” is also mandatory, followed by the rebooting the system one immediately afterwards.

This was all there is to know on how to apply a manual flashing procedure to your Samsung Galaxy Chat to the official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean firmware. You can go ahead with the testing of this update and check out the advantages brought to the smartphone. If you have had any issues along the way, do not hesitate to let us know and we shall look into them and see what there is to be done. If all went accordingly to plan, then congratulations once more – and enjoy this update’s perks. Keep an eye on us to check out the latest news and developments on the matter.