Update Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070 to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Optimus Droid

Samsung Galaxy S Advance i9070

You have to wait no more if you are trying to get your hands on an updating method to be applied on the  Samsung Galaxy S Advance to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 to flash a custom ROM on it. We are here to save the day and give you a series of instructions on how to get this done fast and easy and with no problems along the way. So just check out the entire article first and get yourself prepared with all the pre-requirements you need to meet as well, then you can simply go straight to applying the operation on your Samsung Galaxy S Advance device in order to get the Android 4.1.2 based Optimus Droid custom firmware installed on it. It is also a must you take all the steps presented accordingly as they are given and in that exact sequence, and also don’t do any skipping of the steps implied either because this is a complex procedure that needs your full time attention at all times.

This is as solid as any updates can be it seems, and we have no serious bugs of fixes that need to be addressed when it comes to the Optimus Droid custom ROM, therefore we should have no issues applying this procedure on the Galaxy S Advance device.To add to all of these positives, Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS is the one behind supporting this ROM, so its applications and implicit settings shall be automatically be applied to the device as such, which is a very cool thing we must admit to it. But its being a custom ROM also has its advantages, and not only shall it port its initial and original features, but come equipped with additional ones, and not only. We are now speaking of a new set of tasks and functions that we do not have on the stock version of the Jelly Bean ROM, so it shall now be possible to add a lot of more customization to our devices, also boosting up its  performance at the same time.

So although we shall provide you with accurate and easy to follow steps, the actual procedure of updating your device is quite complicated, so you must pay very good attention to get it done exactly by the book. Once you do not have all the pre-requirements met and your device is therefore not fully prepared to support this flashing procedure, you must understand that this installation of the Optimus Droid Jelly Bean 4.1.2 custom ROM on your device shall not be successful, and more than that – you also subject yourself to the very high risk of damaging the phone.

Thus we advise you just read all of the operation carefully in advance, and do not decide to take other steps according to your own desire. I believe I have forgot to mention that when it comes to the Optimus Droid firmware, we need to thank the xda Community for coming up with it and for having been kind enough to share this guidelines with us too.

There are of course a few aspects to check out in advance prior to starting to take all the actual steps comprised in the update process. Having all the details done by the book shall guarantee you shall have a solid and successfully achieved updating of your Galaxy S Advance with Optimus Droid Jelly Bean 4.1.2 firmware. Do please take all of these into consideration prior to proceeding, and let’s see what you must tick on the list:

  • Having a root applied on your device in advance is a must. It is important to state that this shall lead to the voiding of your device’s warranty, so make sure you know it.
  • Once you have gained root access – make sure you also go about installing a custom recovery image on the device.
  • Backing the device’s content up is mandatory. Therefore just check what there is to save on the internal storage memory and make sure you do so, and I am here referring to all the apps, call logs, SMS etc to be found there.
  • Nandroid backup is also mandatory; this shall be of help if anything fails to function properly so you shall not be able to be using the Optimus Droid ROM – if this the case, you can therefore via this method just go back to the factory OS in a very easy manner.
  • You shall be needing your device, a PC and the original smartphone USB cable handy throughout the procedure.
  • Make sure you shut down all antivirus and security programs that are working on your PC, and this is also applicable to the ones that run on your device too.
  • The USB debugging option the device should be now activated, so just go to  Settings, then to Applications, Development and lastly to USB debugging in order to do so.
  • The battery levels of your device should not be under 60% power otherwise you risk the device turning off right in the middle of the update procedure and this will lead to not having a successful process or even to damaging the device, so make sure you properly charge your device before you start with this.
  • Another very important aspect to reiterate is that the present instructions and steps have been specifically designed to suit this update with the Samsung Galaxy S Advance model number I9070 and with this smartphone only, so if you are thinking of going ahead with it on another type or model of phone, then just stop, as you might end up damaging that particular device and this is something that we need to avoid.

Steps to update the Galaxy S Advance device to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 using Optimus Droid Custom ROM Firmware

  1. To start with, just proceed with the downloading of the required update file onto the PC you shall be using.
  2. Go here to get it here.
  3. Now that you are done with the download, storing this file on the smartphone is necessary.
  4. You shall also need to ensure a connection is made between the device and the PC and in doing so you must use the USB cable.
  5. Now the transfer of this file from the PC to the actual device is necessary, so just go about doing this.
  6. Now if this is done, proceed with the disconnecting the USB cable and also turning off the device too.
  7. Press the Volume Up, Menu and Power buttons simultaneously to trigger a rebooting of the device – this shall be confirmed once the recovery mode menu shall show up on the screen.
  8. Now when you are in the recovery menu, just make sure you tick these options: “wipe data factory reset”, “wipe cache partition” and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  9. Once all of them selected, go back to the main recovery menu (in order to do so, just select “+++go back+++”).
  10. You shall also need to be ticking the “install zip from SD card” then the  “choose zip from SD card”options too as a next step.
  11. Then selecting the update file will boost the start of the actual update process.
  12. As you see that this process is completed, you can start rebooting the system and in order to do so go to  recovery and choose “+++go back+++” then simply “reboot system now”.
  13. It is now when the device shall be rebooted into normal mode. You shall also see that the Optimus Droid ROM shall come up.
  14. But what happens if you get stuck into a boot loop after this? You need not panic, as you have to simply do the rebooting into the Recovery again. So just go for the  “wipe data factory reset” then “wipe cache partition” in order for all to turn out as planned.

I think Congratulations are in order now that the  Samsung Galaxy S Advance has received the update to the Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean based Optimus Droid Custom ROM Firmware. All there is now left for you to do is go about the actual testing of this newly installed firmware and let us know how it goes too. Should you have any issues or in case you want to give us any feedback on the matter, please do not hesitate to do so and we will look into it without delay.

Keep us posted!